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Product Description. The advantages of Customized High Quality Clear Quartz Glass Flask are: 1. low thermal conductivity, 2. small expansion coefficient, 3. high temperature proof, 4. excellent thermo stability and cost lower than other quartz glass. 5. It has been widely used as long nozzle and immersion nozzle brick for the continuously flood

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Glass-lined reactors are special in that the thermal conductivity of the steel wall is 45 times higher than that of the glass layer. The K-value, and as a result the amount of heat transfer, are therefore largely limited by the glass layer. The use of properly designed mixing systems can optimize heat transfer on the product side.

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Speed (r/min): 10-680. Motor Power: 370W. Inside/outside Tube Dia:: 600*550. Certifiion: CE. About Us. Established in 2006, Nantong Sanjing Chemglass Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and trader specialized in research, development and production of chemical glass instrument.

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양질 double layer glass reactor 에서 double layer glass reactor 제조 업체, 주문 double layer glass reactor 온라인으로 중국에서. 난퉁 Sanjing Chemglass Co., 주식 회사 search Korean 인용문을 요구하세요 집 제품 화학 유리제 반응기 실험실 유리 반응기

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UC series closed heater equiped with double layer glass reactor. 4. Vacuum, you could equip vacuum pump and vacuum controller to set and control the vacuum degree accurately. SHB-III for 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L reactor SHB-B95 for 20L, …

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2022-3-28 · The glass reactor is mainly used for experiments such as material distillation, synthesis and concentration. The kettle can be pumped to a negative pressure state to meet different experimental conditions. The material can be evenly added drop-wise through the constant pressure funnel or the valve on the feeding bottle.

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10L 20L 30L 50L 80L Double Layer Jacketed Galss Reactor. D escription of TEFIC Chemical j acketed glass react or . Double-layer jacketed glass reactor is TEFIC according to the actual requirements of customers and the standards, …

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Click "+" to select products and contact the supplier Join a shopping cart Double layer glass reactor. Double layer glass reactor capacity are 0.5L, …

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2022-4-7 · 20l double-layer chemical glass reactor made of materials with high chemical resistance such as borosilie glass, 304 stainless steel, and PTFE.Good chemical properties are an important choice for laboratory …

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S212-100 double-layer glass reactor is an ideal pilot test and production equipment for modern fine chemical engineering, biological pharmacy and new material synthesis. This glass reactor series mainly contains following parts: double-layer glass reaction kettle, a set of component cover of glass reactor, condenser, constant voltage funnel

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SKU: SB-SLGR-50L Packing List: Jacketed Glass Reactor 1 Specifiion: Power Supply AC 220V/50HZ Stirring Power (W) 120 1/3 Gear Motor Stirring Speed (rpm) 0~600 (Max. 1300) Reaction Flask Capacity (L) 50 Stirring Shaft Diameter (mm) 16 Motor Torque (g/cm) 1500 Discharge Method Discharge from bottom, glass discharge valve

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2020-12-11 · Xingyang Kori Instrument Factory Kori instrument is a professional worldwide manufacturer of Lab Chemical instrument. we are continue to pursue the professionalism with “sincere, pioneering and enterprising ” to consummate Enterprise management system to provide best service for our customers.

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Double Layer Glass Reactor 10-50L - Double Layer Glass Reactor 10-50L. Share With: It can stir and react under the natural pressure or negative pressure in the sealed reactor and The stirring and reflowing of the reacted solution is controlled. The material can be emptied from the outlet valve at the bottom of the reactor after reacting.

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CE Certifiion 50L 80L 100L Industrial Pilot Plant Distillation Column Jacketed Glass Reactor Product introduction: The double-layer glass reactor is designed as a sandwich. Favorites Xiaohan (Guangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd

Double Layer Glass Reactor 10-50L. Follow us: Xingyang Kori Instrument Factory

Double Layer Glass Reactor 10-50L. Follow us: Xingyang Kori Instrument Factory

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2021-12-28 · A glass reactor’s primary premise is to agitate the reaction while controlling the reflux and evaporation of the solution in a sealed container at a fixed temperature and normal or negative pressure. Single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer glass reactors are available. A complete vacuum may be used to run the 5litre reactor vessel securely.

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50L and 100L size explosion proof double layer glass reactor are our best-selling products, and we export thousands of units every year. mainly used for pilot and production equipment for fine chemical, biopharmaceutical and new material synthesis. TEFIC 100L explosion proof double layer glass reactor test video before shipment

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Best quality S212-80L Double-Layer Glass Reactor in Lab Instruments , power of stirring is 250W. S212-80L double-layer glass reactor is an audacious product who has coined advantages of domestic and foreign like products, it adopts double-layer glass design, put reaction solvent in internal layer to do stirring reaction,

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Double glass reactors can be used in biopharmaceuticals, fine chemical plants and synthesis of new materials. 20L laboratory glass jacketed reactor chemical installation. Six characteristics of double-layer glass reactor: 1. The glass reactor can control the frequency and temperature of the experiment, and is also equipped with an AC induction

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Click "+" to select products and contact the supplier Join a shopping cart Double layer glass reactor. Double layer glass reactor capacity are 0.5L, …

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Product Description. S212-2L double-layer glass reactor’s reaction flask volume is 2L, interlayer volume is 0.8L, stirring diameter of axle is 8mm, and the power of stirring is 40W.. S212-2L double-layer glass reactor is a wonderful product …

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The double-layer glass reactor adopts double-layer glass design. The reaction solvent is put in the internal layer to do the stirring reaction, and different cold and heat sources (refrigerating fluid, hot water or oil) can be connected to the …

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Double-layer Glass Reactor from Henan Lanphan Industry Co., Ltd.. Search High Quality Double-layer Glass Reactor Manufacturing and Exporting supplier on Alibaba. Lab Thermal Glass Distiller 20L China Rotary Vacuum Rotavapor Kit. $2,389.00 - $2,406.00 / Unit. 1 Unit (Min. Order)

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2022-4-12 · Nanbei Instrument Limited is the professional manufacturer of glass reactor, which is committed to providing turnkey solutions for laboratory glass reactor system. All of our lab reactors can be customized as needed. Double Layer Jacketed Glass Reactor. 1-5L Jacketed Glass Reactor Get Details And Price. 10-30L Jacketed Glass Reactor Get

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Customized Double Layer Glass Reactor / Jacketed Glass Vessel Eco Friendly The material reacts in the reactor and can control the evaporation and reflux of the reaction solution. After the reaction, the material can be released from the outlet at the bottom of the kettle, and the operation is very convenient.

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2022-4-2 · ZZKD provides high-quality double layer glass chemical reactor agitated, 1l jacketed reactor, 20l glass reactor, stainless steel lab reactor and other products for laboratory equipment suppliers around the world, serving the United States, Britain, Greece, Poland, Australia, Brazil, South Africa , Ghana, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.

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Double Layer Glass Reactor (4461 productos disponibles) 1/6. Top sponsor listing. Reactor de cavitación ultrasónica continua, dispositivo con filtro inferior giratorio, chaqueta de producción de biodiésel, precio del Reactor ultrasónico de vidrio. $1,490.00-$1,500.00 / Set. 1 …